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Our Approach

Our Philosophy

My philosophy is that exercise should be:

  1. Achievable. When participants finish a class they leave with a feeling of achievement. No matter their fitness level, experience or ability it is important to me that "they can do it!" and in many cases are able to do more than they thought possible. Everyone is encouraged to work and progress at their own pace and I guide them to work around any injuries or pre-existing conditions.
  2. Accessible. All Heart & Soul Fitness class venues have easy access in terms of getting there, parking and suitable access for anyone with mobility issues.
  3. Affordable. Cost can be prohibitive to some when looking for fitness classes. Heart & Soul Fitness aims to keep costs low, and there are options to pay by the class or purchase a 10 visit pass. (Note: 10 visit pass are valid for Katoomba, Springwood and Glenbrook classes only.)
  4. Inclusive. It is very important to me personally that every single person who attends a Heart & Soul fitness class feels welcomed and included and a part of our 'fitness community'. Heart & Soul Fitness is also proud to be part of the 'Are You Inclusive?' program.

Our Story

My Story

After qualifying and registering as a fitness instructor in the mid 1990's I saw a need in the fitness market which was sadly lacking at the time. There was nothing really available for our senior community. They didn't feel comfortable in the mainstream classes which were on offer, but were still active in their life and community. I started to develop classes one at a time at the gyms where I was working specifically for the senior market. On top of my fitness certification I upskilled to qualify as an 'older adults trainer' and a year or so later completed the 'Heartmoves' training course with The National Heart Foundation. I continually upskill and attend training courses relevant to the needs of older adults and seniors to maintain my knowledge and education ensuring I am delivering the most current information ensuring I stay on top of my craft. From the first class which started in 1998, I now have 6 weekly classes across 4 venues. I also teach many other styles of classes to other clientele and personal training.

My name is Karin Pearson and I am the founder of Heart & Soul Fitness (Established February 2017.) Prior to that I was a Heartmoves instructor for 14 years. I have over 25 years experience as fitness trainer and although I have a wide range of skills and experience in the fitness industry my main passion is the older adult. I also love to introduce new people to fitness and movement to show them exercise doesn't need to be hard, complicated or expensive.


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For More Details

Telephone Karin on 0414 826 838 or email karin.pearson@outlook.com.au